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 KVM Suggestion

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PostSubject: KVM Suggestion   Thu Oct 22, 2015 9:34 pm


Hi this is a suggestion for knockout ragnarok gms.

After having a KVM party with a few player today after woe, we realised getting kvm eqps is insanely difficult, moreover that's the reason no one never wants to go KVM.

just a simple calcul gms. let's say we win 1/2 time. that's 3 min per kvm and 5 min per waiting which is 16min  for 6 points. if one can earn 24 points per hour he can be happy. now weapons cost 1000points, that's 41 hours non stop farming for a weapon. that's why no one wants to KVM, there's no instant reward.

What i suggest is

  • 1rst remove 5min waiting after every kvm.

  • 2nd make losing points from 1->5
    winning points from 5->15

it'd help a lot of players to start KVM.

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KVM Suggestion
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