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 Quest Hidden Village

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PostSubject: Quest Hidden Village   Wed Oct 14, 2015 5:06 pm

First way you must do is finish it your vendor ring quest to open this event "Hidden Village Quest".

Step 1. Find NPC Sanchez in Alexandria Town.

after you talk with him he need you to find secret passage

Step 2. Find Npc Sancie

Step 3. Farming for item needed
Ultimate Orbs & Hand of Gods can be create in NPC Hidden Village

For Ultimate Orbs in NPC Old Priest :

Prayer Point :(4 Spot =1 in midle Asphodel 89 86 ,and 3 in near NPC Lt.Naomi Asphodel (98 134 ,113 135 ,108 162) ) 15 minute delay

For Hand of Gods in NPC Fallen Mutant :

Corpse point can get by click corpse bone (3 Spot) Asphodel (88 108, 83 92, 61 86)15 minute delay

There's 2 way to get (Yellow,Blue,Green,and Orange) Orbs :
- You can collect it in aev_fild or moonhaven map

If got all item in the list ... well done ,you can go back to NPC Sancie to claim it,you will send back to Alexandria town

Open Secret Hidden Shop NPC :
Talk to NPC Sanchez again

2nd Secret Passage

After you enter Hidden Village go to NPC Trunk Board for create 1 Hidden Point its need 4 prayers points 4 corpses points and 4 trees points

for trees points you can gather it 4 spot Asphodel (90 118,40 96 ,123 51 ,167 66)

After you make hidden point just go to this npc to open the secret NPC

Thx, Hope my guide can help you more easy to finish it.

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PostSubject: Re: Quest Hidden Village   Fri Oct 16, 2015 5:06 pm

Since there is no other guide from any other player and because shunhai has been disqualified.even your guide it's to simple,we decide you will be the one who win this even.please send message to GM Setsuna to choose your reward.thanks for your attention
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PostSubject: Re: Quest Hidden Village   Sat Oct 17, 2015 5:46 pm

This guide really sucks lol.
No spoiler, not clear guidance, not spawn time.
And now Byakuran guide has gone and I'm feel so lazy reading this guide
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PostSubject: Re: Quest Hidden Village   

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Quest Hidden Village
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