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 Guide : Proffesor

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PostSubject: Guide : Proffesor   Thu Sep 17, 2015 6:01 pm


I. Introduction
II. Pros and Cons
III. Equipments
IV. Equipment Cards
V. Stats
VI. Consumables
VII. WOE Tactics
VIII. PVP Tactics

I. Introduction:

Good day everyone. It's been a while since I planned making this guide. It took a month before I started making this guide because I was really busy in real life. I've been playing Professor for months now, and I want to share my knowledge to everyone on how to play this class. Okay, to start with, let's go with the Pros and Cons.

II. Pros:

Professors are great for support and could also be great for killing if used properly. They can change enemy's armor element, and has powerful magic attacks. They have great redux if used with proper EQs. Lastly, they have the skill called "Double Casting" which gives them a chance of casting 2 bolts at once, or in others words, you can spam like hell like there's no tomorrow.


Their magic attacks can be easily nerfed by Golden Thief Bug Card. BM set-up is confusing at first when you need to set your skills and EQs up. Kind of expensive job to master because of the EQs you need such as redux and matk EQs. If you have some questions about the BM Setups, you can visit MdBCruise's Battlemode and Hotkey Guide

III. Equipments:

Red: For PVP
White: For both PVP and WOE

- By the way, I won't include EQ's for 99mdef and Battle Type Professors, since I don't use them for fighting. But maybe I'll include some mdef EQs.

Upper Headgears:

-EX Band Aid (10% Reduction against demi-humans)
-EX Rabbit (Gives 15% Magic Attack, +3 Int, +2 Dex)
-EX Ripper (Gives 15% Magic Attack when your Int is above 370)
-EX Side Hat (For those who want high vit, but I don't use this though)
-EX Split (Enables use of level 3 Falling ice pillar-for better heal spam)
-Feather Beret/Beret (10% Reduction against demi-humans but not slotted)
-Or any slotted headgear

Middle Headgers:

-EX 3D Glasses (Enables you to see Hidden Enemies. +3 Atk, +10 Matk)
-EX Medical Eyepatch (Enables use of Level 5 Heal. Auto-cast Level 5 Heal on yourself when hit. +10 Mdef)
-EX Face of Death (+10% Matk, +10% Mdef)
-Or any slotted headgear

Lower Headgears:

-EX Retribution Wings (Reduce damage from DemiHuman monster by 15%.+1 INT, +1 VIT. -10% to ATK and MATK)
-EX Sage Ring (If Int is above 300, +10% Matk. Mdef + 5)
-EX Angeling Wings (Resistance to Dark; Weakness to Ghost. +4 Agi, +3 Luk, +2 Int)
-Ex Deviling Wings (Resistance to Shadow; Weakness to Holy. +2 Int)
-EX White Butterfly Wings (Resistance to Earth.; Weakness to Fire.4 Luk, +3 Int, +2 Dex)


-Valkyrie Armor [1] (All stats +1. Indestructible)
-Silk Robe [1] (Mdef +10)
-Glittering Jacket [1] (Mdef +5)
-Or any slotted armor


-Combat Knife (Add a 10% resistance against DemiHuman monster, but increases damage received from Demon monster by 10%. Pierces Defense of DemiHuman monster)
-Lich's Bone Wand [2] (MATK + 20%, INT + 1, DEX + 1. [Refine Rate 9~10] You will receive bonus MATK + 3%, Maximum SP + 300)
-Staff of Piercing (MATK + 15%, INT + 4. When you attack using magical ability, it will ignore 10% of their MDEF and deals damage accordingly. The amount ignored will increase depending on the refinement rate of this weapon)
-Main Gauche [4] (You need this for stripping, or coma if necessary)
-Rod [4] (MATK + 15%)
-Or any slotted wands/rods/weapons


-Valkyrie Shield [1] (Add a 20% resistance against Water, Fire, Shadow and Undead Property. MDEF + 5 - This is a must have)
-Orlean's Server [1] (Reflect of all Magical Damage back to the enemy which inflicted it (Success Chance 5%). MDEF + 2 - Use this with your maya card, that would make it 55% reflect)
-Thorn Shield [1] (MDEF + 2)
-Strong Shield [1] (Can never be knocked back. Receives 20% additional damage from all physical and magical sources.- Be sure to put Thara in here)


-Wool Scarf [1] (MDEF + 4)
-Mithril Magic Manteau [1] (MDEF + 3. Whenever you receive a Magical Damage, there is a small chance to reduce all incoming Magical Damage by 20% for 2 seconds, but also reduces your DEF by 20% during that 2 seconds. - You need this for fighting magic classes like Professors)
-Valkyrie Manteau [1] ([Mage, Archer, Acolyte Class] Perfect Dodge + 5 Additional Perfect Dodge can be earned by Refining, and is equal to the Refine Rate * 2. - Use this when you want to have PD or going for 100 PD)
-Diablos Manteau [1] (Reduces Neutral Property damage by 5%. Maximum HP + 100 - Would be better if you put Deviling Card here = 55% Reduction from Neutral)
-Naght Seiger Flame Manteau [1] (Maximum HP + 5%. MDEF + 2. MATK + 1%. Increases damage against Fire Property monsters by 2%)


-Tidal Shoes [1] (Increases resistance to Water Property attacks by 5%. [+ Wool Scarf] HP Recovery + 5%. Increase Maximum HP by 10%. - If you're gonna use this, don't forget to use it with Wool Scarf to get the added 10% HP)
-Variant Shoes [0] (Maximum HP / Maximum SP + 20%. Maximum HP / Maximum SP reduced by 1% per refine rate. - The added HP and SP is reduced per refine rate, so don't forget to use +0 of this. I use this as my main btw.)
-High Quality Sandals [1] (MDEF + 10)
-Valkyrie Shoes (Indestructible (except in upgrade attempts). [Mage, Archer, Acolyte Class] Maximum HP + 5 * Base Level)


-Rosary [1] (LUK + 2, MDEF + 5 - Absolutely)
-Diablos Ring [1] (Maximum HP + 100, Maximum SP + 100, Increases the effectiveness of Heal by 5%. - If you need higher heal, use this)
-Orlean's Gloves [1] (DEX + 2, MATK + 3%)
-Cursed Hand [1] (When attacking there is a 3% chance to auto cast Level 1 Critical Wounds. HIT + 10, HP Recovery + 20%)
-Falcon Ring [2] or Vendor's Ring [2] (Has two slots - If you have one, good. But if you have 2, better. You can put 2 alligators on each of these, that would make it 4 alligators! So that's 20% reduction against long range attacks)


IV. Equipment Cards:

Red: For PVP
Blue: For WOE
White: For both PVP and WOE

-For the Headgear Cards, I do not suggest you to use Mistress card (except when your using Abracadabra) because it'll only lessen your heal (assuming your on all bacso) consuming one slot of one of your headgears. You could just buy loads of blue and yellow gemstones since you don't need red gemstones for any skills you would be using.

Headgear Cards:

-Bacsojin Card (Increases effectiveness of your Heal, Sanctuary and Potion Pitcher by 30%. Increases SP taken by all skills by 15%. - Better to put this on your redux EQs for easier tanking damages and still heals yourself)
-Maya Purple Card (Enable its user to detect hidden enemies. - Use this if you don't have Ex 3d. And don't forget to put this card on mid/lower headgear not on the upper because when you are Full Stripped (by stalkers), they would be taking your upper headgear, armor, weapon, as well as your shield -- so that means, even though you are stripped, you can still see cloaked/hidden enemies)
-Giant Hornet Card (Add a 10% resistance against Wind Property attacks)
-Dryad Card Card (Add a 10% resistance against Earth Property attacks)
-Leaf Cat Card (Add a 10% resistance against Water Property attacks)
-Leib Olmai Card (Add a 10% resistance against Fire Property attacks)

Armor Cards:

-Tao Gunka Card (Maximum HP + 100%. DEF - 50, MDEF - 50 - Doubles your HP. Good for PVPing)
-Ghostring Card (Enchant an Armor with the Ghost Property - Since Valkyrie Armor is indestructible, be sure to put this card on that armor because AD breaks weps and armors )
-Orc Lord (Reflect 30% of all Physical Melee Damage back to the enemy which inflicted it)
-Angeling Card (Blesses an Armor with the Holy Property. - Gives reduction for all elements except undead, shadow and neutral)
-Argiope Card (Enchant an Armor with the Poison Property)
-Bathory Card (Enchant Armors with the Shadow Property)
-Dokebi Card (Enchant Armors with the Wind Property)
-Evil Druid Card (Enchant Armor with the Undead Property)
-Pasana Card (Enchant Armors with the Fire Property)
-Sandman Card (Enchant Armors with the Earth Property)
-Swordfish Card (Enchant Armors with the Water Property)
-RSX-0806 Card (Can not be knocked back. VIT + 3. Make an armor indestructible (except in upgrade attempts) - Use this while you're inside your Wall of Fog, and you'll never be knocked out from your it)

Weapon Cards:

-Necromancer Card ([+ Slotted Rod] INT + 1, Ignores 2% Magical Defense)
-Pitman Card (Inflict 5% more damage with Earth Spike and Heavens Drive)
-Hill Wind Card (Inflict 5% more damage with Thunder Storm, Jupitel Thunder and Lord of Vermilion. - Just in case you wanted to boost your Thunder Storm damage)
-Metaling Card (Add a 5% chance of auto casting Level 1 Strip Weapon on enemy when attacking)
-Phreeoni Card (HIT + 100)
-Lord of Death Card (Add a 0.1% chance of auto casting 'Coma' on an enemy. - Causes COMA. For the lulz. You can also use this if you're really desperate of killing your enemy)

Shield Cards:

-Thara Frog Card (Reduce damage from DemiHuman monster by 30%)
-Golden Thief Bug Card (Nullify all magic spells, including supportive skills, that target the owner at the cost of doubling SP Consumption cost when using skills. - Use this card to counter Coma, Dispell and to nerf Magic Attacks)
-Maya Card (Reflect single target attack Magic back at the caster (Success Chance 50%) - It would be better if you put this card on an Orlean's Server, because the shield has 5% reflect + 50%, that'll make it 55% reflect)

Garment Cards:

-Assassin Cross Card (Enables use of Level 3 Cloaking)
-Noxious Card (Reduce damage from Long Range attacks by 10%. 10% Resistance to Neutral attacks)
-Deviling Card (Add a 50% resistance against Neutral Property attacks.Receive 50% more damage from other property attacks. - Use this card to nerf neutral attacks like Asura and Acid Demonstration. Would be better if you put this card on a Diablos Manteau because it adds 5% reduction against neutral as well. So, that'll make it 55% reduction against neutral)
-Raydric Card (Increase resistance to Neutral Property attacks by 20%.- If you can't afford a Deviling Card, you can you this as a substitute)
-Dustiness Card (Increase resistance to the Wind Property by 30%)
-Hode Card (Increase resistance to Earth Property attacks by 30%)
-Jakk Card (Increase resistance to the Fire Property by 30%)
-Myst Card (Increase resistance to the Poison Property by 30%)

Footgear Cards:

-Antique Firelock Card (STR + 2 [Refine Rate 9~10] Maximum HP and SP + 10% - Only use this card on your shoes when it is already upgraded to +9 or +10 or else you would not be given the added 10% HP and SP)
-Green Ferus Card (VIT + 1. Maximum HP + 10% - If you don't have highly upgraded footgears you can use this instead)
-Amon Ra Card (All Stats + 1. Add a 3% chance of auto casting Level 10 Kyrie Eleison on the user when the user receives Physical Damage.)
-Moonlight Flower Card (Enable faster Movement Speed so long as the Foot gear to which this card is compounded is equipped)

Accessory Cards:

-Alligator Card (Receive 5% less damage from Long Range Physical attack - Use this as your main)
-Smokie Card (Enables use of Level 1 Hiding - This card is for those who can't afford Sinx Card yet)
-Wikebine Tres Card (Add a 5% chance of auto casting Level 1 Strip Armor on the enemy when attacking)


V. Stats:

-Before we go to the stats, I just want you to know that my stats are for both PVP and WOE. I use my WOE stats for PVP as well. But it's up to you though, if you want different stats for each field, it's cool. There's nothing wrong about it. Okay, I will be showing you 3 stats I know, Flee Build, WOE/Str Build, and the EX Side Build. Btw, I won't be showing the Grimtooth build since Echoplex has already made that kind of build in his guide.

Flee Build:

Str - 200+ (For increased weight capacity to carry supplies and stuff)
Agi - 300 or so (Higher agi, higher flee)
Vit - 120 Total Def. (Example, 37+83) - You could put your vit with GR Card on or Tao Card on, but if you put your vit while Tao is on, your def will be higher if you switched to GR and Thanatos will be a threat for you. So it would be better if you put vit while in GR.
Int - 450
Dex - 200 (For instant casting even you're under Quagmire)
Luk - 300 (Status Immunity)

WOE/Str Build:

Str - 350+ (For increased weight capacity to carry more supplies and stuff)
Agi - 197 aspd
Vit - 120 total def
Int - 450
Dex - 200 (For instant casting even you're under Quagmire)
Luk - 300 (Status Immunity)

EX Side Build:
- I've used this build once, and I'm not that sure if I used it correctly or what but I'll try. You can correct me if I'm wrong. Smile

Str - 50+
Agi - 197 aspd
Vit - 350 (This is EX Side Build, remember?)
Int - 450
Dex - 200 (For instant casting even you're under Quagmire)
Luk - 300 (Status Immunity)

-In this build, it is up to you what stats you want to sacrifice. But IMO, the Str, Agi and Luk, are the most flexible.


VI. Consumables:

Box of Panting - Restores 9% of Maximum SP, but has a 30% chance to get you Silence for 30 seconds.
Blessing Scroll - Temporarily increases your str, int, and dex by 10.
Assumptio Scroll - Temporarily reduces all incoming damage by 33%
Authoritative Badge - Temporarily increases Movement Speed.
Grape - Recovers a small amount of SP.
Elemental Resist Potions - A potion that will temporarily increase the user's resistance a certain property at the cost of increasing damage from it's weakness for the potion's active duration. Available in Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind/Lightning resist potions.
Converters - This is a requirement for the skill called "Element Change". Available in Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind/Lightning.
Int foods - Temporarily gives the user added int.
Yellow and Blue Gemtones - You'll be needing ALOT of these. This gems are catalyst for your skills such as Land Protector, Deluge, Safety Wall, etc.



- In WOE, we have several types of Professors. Some of it are, MB Professor (Mind Breaker), OLP Professor (Offesive Land Protector), DLP Professor (Defensive Land Protector), Spell Breaker Professor and the FS Professor (Full Support). I don't know if there are more types but these are just the types I know. I'm gonna tell you the basics on what the should every type of Professor do during WOE. And by the way, about the WOE EQs, you just wear redux, GR and GTB. Why GTB? Because you don't need to heal in WOE and it's for your protection against Dispell (so that your devo won't be removed), and other Magic Attacks. About the headgear cards, you don't wear Bacsos because as I said earlier, you don't heal on WOE, just focus on your role, and besides there are SPP bios and PP bios to heal you and your Pally.

MB Professors - Before we discuss about this type, we should know what Mind Breaker is first. What is mind breaker? This skill decreases enemy's INT MDEF, but it ups their MATK. Success chance is (55+5*SkillLV)%. This is basically Provoke for Magicians. Now that you know what Mind Breaker is, we can now start discussing about MB Professors. So basically, these are the type of Professors that are assigned to use Mind Breaker to the allies who are using MATK, such as, Ninja, Wizards, NW Stalkers, etc. And you could also MB enemies but be careful though, be sure to MB those ppl who doesn't use magic, e.g., ATK Type Snipers, LKs, etc. You stay in stack, never "fish out". Don't let yourself be seen and continue to MB your MATK allies as well as your ATK Type enemies. If your DLP Professor is gone, you can do his job. We'll discuss about the DLP Profs later.

-Before we go to the OLP and DLP Professors, we need to know what does Land Protector (LP) means.
Land Protector - Shields an area from all area spells. Any skills that target the ground do not deal damage or do their effect. Skills such as Storm Gust, Fire Wall, etc. will do nothing.
Also removes any area spells already placed in the area. So this means, Land Protector shields all AOE skills and Land Skills. These are some AOE and Land Skills mostly used in WOE that can be blocked by Land Protector: Desperado, Lord or Vermillion, Pnuema, Wall of Fog, Safety Wall, Deluge, and so.

OLP Professors - Ah, OLP Profs, the most important of them all (IMO). From the definition itself, "Offensive Land Protector", you use Land Protector offensively. If you're playing OLP Prof in a guild, here are some basic tips for your role as an OLP Professor. You place an LP on enemy stack. That removes their Land Skills such as Pnuema, Wall of Fog, etc.But what would you do if your enemies zerged after you put LP on their stack? Simply remove it then delay them by using AOE skills like LOV. You LP while your stack is moving and removes it after. Dispells enemies, especially the shooting Snipers and the GS. Why? Because they cannot use shield while using bow/gun, that means they can't use GTB and you can remove their buffs and devo by Dispelling them, and that would make them easy to kill. Spider Web the moonwalking/stray enemies. Put deluge then Wall of Fog on your stack while your not in offensive mode.

DLP Professors - These are the type of Professors which stays in stack. You use Land Protector defensively. This means when some OLP Prof gets in your stack, your job is to cancel his LP. But how are you gonna do it? It's easy. If you are playing with effects on, you just cast your LP into his LP and that's it. And if he LP'd again, cancel it. But how are you gonna do it with your effects off? This is what I do when I cancel LP, since I play with effects off. You just LP then Deluge. Just repeat it when the icon of the Deluge on the right side of the screen is gone, when that happens, it means that he LP'd again, and you just have to do it again and again. You can burn his SP using Soul Burn. As a DLP, you should always protect the stack and do whatever it takes just to make all your guildmates protected. To do that, you could: put Wall of Fog while on Deluge. But why on Deluge? Because deluge extends the duration of Wall of Fog - without Deluge = WOF lasts 20 secs, with Deluge = lasts for 40 secs. Remember: you can not have more than 2 Wall of Fog active at any time. Aside from WOF on Deluge, you could also use Safety Wall, not just to protect your guildmates from Asura, Bowling Bash, etc., you can also protect your emperium using Safety Wall. How? Just put one on the Top-Right part cell of the emp. This would protect the emp 11 hits. Better to spam it. In that way, the duration of the emp to be broken is delayed, thus, your guildmates will have the time to kill the breaker.

Full Support Professors - Almost the same as the DLP Professors but the difference is, you do things that supports your guildies, such as, endowing them, soul changing them, etc.

Spell Breaker Professors - These profs focus on Canceling the Ecall of the other guilds to prevent them from reassembling. And they do DLPing as well.


IX. PVP Tactics

- First of all, the tips that I'm gonna teach you are just the basics, so don't rely on it too much. You'll learn more from experience and so. The more time you spend PVPing, the more experience you will be gaining. These are some tips how to fight several jobs and I'm assuming it's 1 on 1. One tip for pvp, before you use your elemental cards such as GR and Angeling, better to use Tao first then switch when your hp is half. Oh, and one more thing, when you plan to element change, it's better to dispell him first. In that way, you'll remove all his buffs including Assumptio, so that would make your damage a bit higher.

High Priest

- Most of the priests use magic. So, the best you can do is to use reflect + Magic Rod. Holy Light can be reflected, and in case they use Lightning Bolt, you can still use reflect to counter it. Then spam magic. If they switched to reflect and heal (they have massive heal, so I'm assuming that you're outhealed), switch to your Matk EQs then Dispell + Change element to wind + Spam Heaven's Drive. If he can still outheal it, put on your Cursed Hand (also fine even with Wikebine Tres card) then normal attack him then wait for the Critical Wounds to cast, then spam. The Critical Wounds would make his heal lower so it'll be harder for him to outheal you. What if he's a battle-type Priest? Easy, Spider Web him then spam your magic like hell, just do anything to get away from him and don't let him get near you: Fire Wall, Safety Wall, etc.


- Champs. Most of 'em use FO, so use WOF and wear Strong Shield. If he tries to Asura, just use Safety Wall and Fire Wall. You can use Soul Burn or Spider Web, than spam the hell out. Btw, don't forget to wear GR if he's Asura type.


- Ninjas can use Magical and Physical at the same time. So I suggest you to use reflect and Magic Manteau with Alligator card and wear all your redux. When he attacks with magic, just spam Magic Rod + Heal and since you have reflect on, all his damage will just reflect back to him while you are healing. And if he used Kunais or any physical attack, just cast WOF then heal. Remember that even you're in defense, you should be attacking as well.


- Ah, Gunslingers, one of the most easiest jobs for you to kill, because you have LP and Wall of Fog. On facing a GS, you should be ready for his Desperado and get ready to LP. But if he used Rapid Shower, just use WOF then spam your magic. He'll die fast because GS's can't wear shields while holding a gun. But be careful though, he might use reflect and you spammed bolts without knowing, that would kill you.


- There are 3 type of snipers you would see in the PVP, the Atk type, the Hybrid Type and the Int/Magic type Snipers. The Attack type type Sniper are the easiest to kill since they always use bow. These snipers are the ones you see wearing EX Ripper and EX Incu. To kill them just use WOF, cloak, then get closer (because surely he will go far away from you), then Dispell + Element change + Bolts, or just simply spam bolts at him. It's fine coz he's using bow and no shields. Let's move on to Hybrid Snipers. The strategy of Hybrid and Int type snipers are almost the same, so I'll just give you some tips. First off, get FCP'd. These guys will surely strip your armor off to get their FA damage higher. Equip your redux EQs and use GR, Cranial, and Anti-Sniping. Spam magic. If he used FA, cast WOF then heal. If he tried to use bow, WOF + Heal then spam magic. Don't forget that you have Soul Burn that can burn your enemy's SP.


- Clowns have the skill called "Tarot Card of Fate", which can break your EQs, burn your SP, Dispell you or could be worse, Coma. So be careful with it. When facing a clown, be sure to wear GTB when he is taroting, and when he tries to use Arrow Vulcan, switch to Cranial then Heal and WOF. Soul Burn him and spam magic. And when he tries to use bow, things will be much easier. Just Dispell + Ele Change + Bolt, or just spam bolt.

Lord Knights

- Lord Knights. They are one of the most hardest jobs to kill, because of their massive damage and high HP pool. When facing an LK, you can use either redux EQs or Matk EQs. If you decided to use redux, try to tank his damage and heal. Everytime he uses Spear Boomerang, cast WOF and when he try to use Bowling Bash, cast Safety Wall on the cell behind you. Or you could just use cloak then go a few cells away from him then Dispell + Mind Breaker + Ele change + Bolt spam. But if you decided to use Matk, use Dispell + Mind Breaker + Ele change + Bolt spam, and do whatever it takes to attack from a distance because you don't want to be cornered and be spammed by BB, do you? And again, if he tries to use Spear Boomerang just use WOF.


- These jobs can really tank your damage with their high heal, great defense, and high HP pool. And at the same, they can attack with great damage. So facing Paladins would really be hard. When facing one, be ready to switch fast and don't forget to get FCP'd because they'll be stripping your armor off. When he tries to attack with Shield Chain, switch to GR, when he tries to attack with Holy Cross, switch to Angeling. Do that while attacking. And if he used Sacrifice, switch the GR and get ready to heal.

Assassin Cross

- Almost same strategy as fighting an LK. When they try to use Soul Breaker (SBK) on you, just cast WOF on you then attack. And cast a Safety Wall on you when they're planning to use Sonic Breaker (SB) or normal attack on you, when they got close to you, just cast Firewall onto him, that'll push him away a couple of cells away from you.


- Just get FCP'd and you're good. If they're Magic Type and uses North Wind, Lightning Bolt, etc., just use reflect + Magic Rod and they're dead. And if they're Bow type, it'll be much easier, just cast WOF around you, and try to Soul Burn so that he can't hide anymore, then cast your bolts. It's up to you if you want to Dispell him first then Change element then bolt.


- Ah, Prof vs. Prof, you're both Professors, so you have the same skills. When facing a Professor, you must be alert when to use reflect, when to use Cranial and GTB. When you try to heal yourself, be sure to wear Cranial or reflect and cast LP. When your using Cranial while healing, get ready to use Magic Rod in case he used Bolts. And the reason why you're casting LP, is to prevent damage when he tries to use AOE Skills like Heaven's Drive.

High Wizard

- Wizards are almost like Professors but they have the skill called "Magic Crasher" (MC) which is a physical attack the is based on Matk. When facing one, wear your redux EQs and try to wear reflect and Anti Sniping garment. In that way you could tank his MC and Bolts, and don't forget to use Magic Rod when you're trying to reflect his bolts. When he tries to use his AOE Skills such as Storm Gust, etc., just use LP. If he used MC, cast WOF then attack.


- Bios have Physical and Magical attacks and sometimes they use they're Homuculus in a fight as well, especially the one with Magic that can spam tremendously. When facing a bio, be sure the wear your VA with GR. And if he has a Homun, wear reflect, so that the Magic casted by his Homun, will just reflect and kill it. When you want to heal and tank, just use WOF then heal.



- I didn't include the questions about Abracadabra Skill since I'm not sure about my answer, and I don't usually use it.

To what elements can I change my enemy's armor and what's its weakness?
- Okay I'll show you the elements and their weaknesses. Water > Fire, Lightning > Water, Earth > Lightning, Fire > Earth.

Can I still change my enemy's armor element again? Example, first I changed his armor to water, can I change his armor element again, and this time, to earth?
- Yes, you can. But first, you must

Can I use Dispell to remove one's Full Strip status?
- No, the only skill that can remove the Full Strip status is FCP and Gospel. I don't know if there's more.

How to cancel an Land Protector?
- Just put your Land Protector on top of his LP, and that'll remove it.

Why use Deluge?
- Because deluge can double the duration of Wall of Fog.

What skill should I use if my enemy switched to reflect?
- You can counter reflect by using any AOE (Area of Effect) skills, such as, Heavens Drive, etc.

In WOE, can Firewall block people from walking?
- No, but it can reveal cloaked people.

What's the best bolt to use?
- All bolts are good. But if your enemy is wearing Valkyrie Shield, it's better to use Lightning, because Valkyrie Shield reduces the damage of water, fire, shadow and undead properties. Lightning isn't reduced by it.

How can I use Magic Rod?
- Just press it when you are being attacked by single-target magic (e.g. bolts, Holy Light, Lightning Spear of Ice, etc.) and it will miss. How cool is that? LOL

Why can't I use Magic Rod?
- Maybe it's because you are wearing GTB. You can't use Magic Rod while your GTB is on.

Why is it that everytime I'm attacked while Energy Coat is on, my sp gets drained?
- Because Energy Coat reduces damage from Physical attacks (punching, weapons and skills using weapons) by draining SP.

What else can I remove from a player using Dispell, aside from buffs?
- You can also remove ailments (curse, poison, silence, etc.) and Santa Suit. :>

Why can't I endow my friend's weapon? (e.g. using Lightning Loader, Frost Weapon, etc.)
- You two need to be in the same guild first, before you can endow is weapons.

Why Earth Spike isn't included in the "Double Casting" and "Auto Spell"?
- I don't really know. LOL. If you know the answer, mind telling it to us?

Can I use Spider Web while my enemy is stepping on an LP?
- No, absolutely not. Remove the LP first, then you can cast Spider Web on him.

Why can't I use Fire Wall for the fourth time?
- Because you cannot cast more than 3 instances of this skill before the first one expires. Or you can just remove some of the Fire Wall you casted by placing an LP on it and removing it using Deluge or any Ground Skill (Violent Gale, etc.)

What does Mind Breaker do?
- It decreases enemy's INT MDEF, but it ups their MATK. This is basically Provoke for Magicians.
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Guide : Proffesor
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