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PostSubject: Guide : Creator   Thu Sep 17, 2015 1:20 pm

Hi there! I made this because I thought the creator guides look very outdated, especially with our new buffs and what not. OH, and I don't think this was enough. Don't expect this guide to be top notch, because I'm not good at writing them :l . And, try to have at least some experience in pvping before reading this guide, because I'm not going to try to aim it at completely new people. Just to people who want to try out creator. Remember to use this guide only as a template, and create your own style of playing creator.



STR - Not much needed, unless you're going for a mammonite type build. Just have enough to carry whatever you carry.
AGI - Put enough for 197 ASPD and maybe a little more, unles you're going for a flee build. About 350 should be good for flee.
VIT - Normally, you should try to go for about 60 to 80 VIT, but if you're going for an EX Side Hat build go for 350.
INT - Try to max this as much as possible. It's okay if you can't get EXACTLY 450 for whatever reason, but try to keep it close.
LUK - You can put 300 with the bonus stats, (EX. 290 + 10 LUK, 295 + 5 LUK,) But you can keep it about 270ish if you wanted to , that way you are only frozen for about a split second, and have a little more stat points to


If you're planning to PvP, please get a Vanlimirth, it's much more reliable. If you WoE, Lif is the way to go. Remember that if your vanlimirth does not have near 1k MATK at level 99, make a new one.

Items (I'm not gonna list items for the needy, you can find those on other guides or figure it out with common sense.)

Upper Headgears

EX Band Aid [1] - Bacosjin Card
EX Black Dark Helmet [1] - Permeter or whatever. You'll only have it on for less then a second.
NX or EX Angel Ripper [1] - Used for mammonite. (And maybe you can use it for meteors?) Put a vanberk or a reduction card of your choice.
EX Pikachu Ears [1] - ESL card, Pharaoh card, reduction card of your choice.
EX Side Hat [1] - Reduction card of your choice, Bacsojin for potion pitcher.[ This is only needed IF you want to go for a Side Hat build and use 350 VIT.

Middle Headgears

EX 3D Glasses - Reduction card of your choice, Bacsojin for potion pitcher. Not completely a MUST have, but helpful still.
EX Medical Eyepatch - Bacsojin, Maya Purple Card

Lower Headgears

EX or NX Sage Ring [1] - ESL Card, Reduction card of your choice. Use it with pikachu ears or whatever magic skill you use.
EX Retribution Wings [1] - Bacsojin Card
EX Deviruchi Wings [1] - Bacsojin Card
EX Incubus Wings [1] - Vanberk Card, Reduction card of your choice. Needed for mammonite.
EX Deviling Wings [1] - Bacsojin Card, Reduction card of your choice. Used to fight bios , reduce asura and other neutral element skills.

NOTE : Choose one wing between EX Retribution or EX Deviruchi. Look at there effects, and choose what you prefer. Also, if you're going for side hat build, you do not need many bacsojin cards as you heal with slims instead. Feel free to replace those cards with more reduction cards.


+10 Combat Knife [0]
+10 Grimtooh - Doesn't have to be +10. Use with side hat build.
+10 Main Gauche [4] - Use a combination of Metaling cards, Stormy Knight cards, and Valkyrie Randgris cards. At least one Valkyrie Randgris in there.
+[x] Twin Edge of Naght Sieger [3] - Use for meteor storm. Uncloak enemies, or use it as an offensive skill. Increase damage with a salamander card and MATK increasing headgears. Use Red Ferus cards.
+10 Orcish Axe [4] - Hydra Card, Hydra Card, Turtle General Card, Turtle General card. Use this for Mammonite. Feel free to throw in a Valkyrie Randgris card if you want to.
+10 Blade [4] - Phreeoni Card, Phreeoni Card, Hydra Card, Turtle General Card. This is for flee people you want to mammonite, Although if they are flee you might want to avoid using mammonite. If you still cannot hit, try putting more phreeoni cards.


+[x] Glittering Jacket - Ghostring Card
+[x] Glittering Jacket - Angeling Card
+[x] Glittering Jacket - Bathory Card
+[x] Valkyrie Armor - Tao Gunka Card
+[x] Jacket - Pasana Card
+[x] Jacket - Dokebi Card
+[x] Mantle - RSX 0806 Card

NOTE : I just like having Pasana and Dokebi cards incase I need to use them for some reason. Usually, Angeling, ghostring, and bathory will be all you need. Armors should be at least +7.


+[x] Valkyrie Shield - Thara Frog Card
+[x] Valkyrie Shield - Golden Thief Bug Card
+[x] Orlean's Server - Maya Card
+[x] Strong Shield - Thara Frog Card


+[x] Valkyrian Manteau - Assassin Cross Card
+[x] Proxy Skin Fragment - Assassin Cross Card, Noxious Card
+[x]Naght Seiger Flame Manteau - Salamander Card

NOTE : Choose one of the two garments to have the assassin Cross card. If you have an EX Side hat build, try to use a Valkyrian Manteau because you have lots of HP, that way you can reflect lots of damage.


Variant Shoes.
+[x] Tidal Shoes - Amon Ra Card, Moonlight Flower Card, Antique Firelock Card, etc.
Glorious Shoes. (Battle Grounds item if you can get it.)


Cursed Hand - Alligator Card, Wikebine Tres card, Marine Sphere card
Cursed Hand - Alligator Card, Wikebine Tres Card, Marine Sphere Card
Diablos Ring - Alligator Card, Marine Sphere card
Diablos Ring - Alligator Card, Marine Sphere Card

NOTE : Only equip one marine sphere at a time. It's incase you want magnum break with you. I like it because it comes in handy at situations. If you think it's useless and firewalls are good enough, go put another card.


Assumptio Scrolls.
Asperio Scroll - For Mammonite.
Holy Water - Used with Asperio Scrolls.
Box of Gloom - Uncloak those around you without pushing them back, maybe you want to melee them.
Condensed White Potion - For EX Side Hat build, use to heal yourself.
White Potion - Use for EX Side Hat build, to heal yourself. You can choose between This or condensed white potions, but I like Condensed white potions better.
Elemental Resist potions - If you know your enemy is using a specific basic element, use these . I mostly use these against professors, i rarely use against other classes.
Box of Panting - Don't carry a lot since it takes up space, but you need to recover your SP at some point.
Acid Bottles
Bottle Grenades
Glistening Coats
Plant Bottles
Scells or Pet Food - Feed your homun. Try to get Vanlimirth as a PvP bio.


I'll give out the ones you will be most likely facing in PvP, but I won't do all of them

NOTE : Use Level 4 Bio cannibalize to cover yourself. You can summon about two of these. When plants melee, they will melee as if you were meleeing yourself. So if you are wearing cursed hands, the plants will inflict Critical Wounds. You can also use Level 2 Bio cannibalize to summon more plants (4 plants instead of 2) and melee for you, but they arent as big as level 4 plants and you can't cover yourself with them.

Try not to just acid demonstration them when they are tanking. Do other stuff such as magic, dispell, Critical wounds, etc.

Assassin Cross - They are most likely soul breaker type. If that's the case, Just try to guess there element and out damage them with acid. If you are VIT, you can probably take them on into a straight up SBK vs Acid fight. If it's too hard to guess, make good use of Wall of Fog, try to tank there MA damage, and make good use of your plants. You don't usually need to, but you can put on RSX if you want to stay in WoF and need to heal yourself without being pushed back. If they are pushing you out with firewalls, put on fire armor instead of RSX and hope they aren't using an opposing element. Unless they magnum, then stick with RSX to heal in wof. If they are trying to use katars and melee weapons, acid will probably do higher damage and they will be more vulnerable to magic.

Champion - Push them out of Pneuma and Acid them. You should already have a vanlimirth homun if you're planning to pvp, as they are much better. If they heal because tehy are low, you can crit wound, use magic, dispell, etc. When dueling these guys, make good use of Wall of Fog, bio cannibalize, and healing yourself. Don't heal yourself too much outside of wof because they can probably outdamage you. They have too much stopping power so you cant tank it head on, unless you're good at predicting. But anything more then 3k and you most likely cannot tank it. When I need to heal, I like using RSX and wof with a decent refined VM. You can also put a few plants in the wof with your dispell weapon and cursed hands on. You can try mammonite on these guys as well if you feel confident..

Sniper - These guys will be running from you and Detecting you and Strafing you until you're dead . Most of them anyway. When they run, try to firewall on the direction they walk in . When they are uncloaked, Acid. If they are on a bow and ATK gears, Acid will do lots of damage. Remember to try and guess there element as the duel goes along, though sniper duels dont usually last very long...

Creator - You might want to lower your VIT for this one. It's all about tanking, and trying to dispell / crit wound the other player. If you have him crit wounded, You can kill him from there. Although Creator duels probably won't end up anywhere, especially if both of you lower your VIT. You might want to try out using mammonite against these guys.

Lord Knight - Put them in constant stunlock with acid . Guess there element well, so bowling bash wont hurt as much. Don't just stand there and acid as they can outdamage you. Make good use of cloak, plants, and wall of fog.

Professor - You can change your other armors and use elemental resist potions to the element that they are using. Remember to start off with tao, and maybe put on a Frus card as the other armors won't help because you will probably be endowed. If you aren't endowed, feel free to wear holy or some other basic element card. When they are tanking your damage, use a mix of acid and magic, with critical wounds to kill them. Mammonite also helps here.

High Wizard - Let's face it, you're not going to get anywhere without a strong shield with GTB, or they will just swirl you around with storm gust, and tank your acid damage all day. I know I didn't list this in the equipment section, but it's an exception here. Use holy armor of course against wizards, although maybe you can try swapping your armor to there magic crasher.. but I usually just stay on holy. You can use your plants and equip your dispell weapon to help dispell the wizard, and acid him once you see that he is dispelled. You can also try to put on MATK gears with a combination of acid. If they switch to reduction gears and start healing, they are probably low. If you think they are low, go all out with everything you've got and make sure they don't tank you. (Includes critical wounding, using meteor storm with salamander card, lightning bolt, acid demonstration, dispell, etc.)

The rest of the jobs you can probably figure out yourself. You can figure out your own strategies with other classes too. Good luck with being a creator! Be prepared to waste lots of money Wink

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