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 Guide : Ninja

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PostSubject: Guide : Ninja   Thu Sep 17, 2015 1:10 pm


Since a lot of people were asking me everything about ninjas like the equipments, stats and etc. I decided to make this short guide to help other players to actually play this class and not use it just for trolling (putting up so much vit, spamming their skills and get reflected like its nothing).

Ninjas are known for having great mobility and dealing great damage using either Physical or Magic Attacks. You can beat almost every classes you go up against if you use it properly. On this guide, you'll learn the basic equipments and stats a hybrid ninja should use but just a warning though, this build is a bit of a risk cause there will be no room for mistakes, mess up a bit and you'll die so the key is to keep practicing your switching and techniques. And I do hope you'll innovate some more tricks from this on fighting cause ninjas really has some more potential in PvP.

But first, Let's take a look on its Strengths and Weaknesses.


- ninjas can negate almost all physical attacks (both close and range attacks)
- very offensive since they can use both Physical and Magic attacks
- In terms of mobility, it's really hard to catch up with ninja's Shadow Jump. so it means they can either negate physical damage or simply get away from the enemy


- very item dependent
- all the magic skills you have can be reflected
- all the physical attacks you have is long range which can be countered with some of
other classes' skills.

Did you know?

These are some of the very basic knowledge you have to know about ninjas.

You actually need to use "Hide" skill before jumping to another cell. You will be needing the "Smokie Card" on one of your accessory.
Ninjas uses 2 kinds of physical attack, first one is the "Throw Kuunai" and "Throw Fuuma Shuriken". Throw Fuuma Shuriken requires the use of a specific weapon called "Huuma Giant Wheel Shuriken".
Every magic skills you have can be reflected, no one cares if that's an AoE skill it will still be reflected OK!?
"Throw Kuunai" never misses no matter how high your enemy's flee is.
Cast-off Ciceda Shell blocks Close and Long range physical attacks and would instantly make you jump 7 cells back in the direction you got hit. Reverse Tatami blocks only long range attacks.
Throw Kuunai is a lot more weaker than Throw Fuuma so don't be surprise when your damage is cut into half when you're trying to use Throw Kuunai

Stats and Equipments

Now, let us proceed on your ninja's stats and what should you be wearing.

when I'm up against classes who doesn't use magic attacks

when I'm fighting magic classes


Cat O' Ninetails Card on a Tidal Shoes

Cat O' Ninetails Card gives 5% more chance of reflecting single-target spells which is great. Use this against Other Ninjas.

Amon Ra Card on any shoes.

Amon Ra Card Add a 3% chance of auto casting Level 10 Kyrie Eleison on the user when the user receives Physical Damage. Use this against Champs. Because most champs do is try to corner you PPS and melee you and this would be helpful to block other damage and keep you from getting hit.


why nx ripper ?

cause it only requires 350+ int for you to have the 15% bonus for your magic attack. Unlike Ex Ripper which requires 370+ int.

giant hornet cards on the headgear?

it reduces Wind Property attacks by 10% and that's 2 so it's a 20% reduction from Lightning bolt which is oftenly used against ninjas.

why won't you just use Bacsojin card to increase the effectiveness of your heal?

'cause basically... you can't heal while you're attacking -_-" so what i thought of is Reducing attacks while attacking. Isn't that much better? So just put your bacsojin cards on your ex band aid and ex retribution wings, so in that way you can Reduce the attack & Reflect while healing (I'll explain tips on fighting against other classes later on

why aren't you using Noxious card?

simply because you can avoid getting hit by either close or long range attacks so Noxious card would be useless so I use card that reduces certain elements.

Items you'll be needing

Since Ninjas are item dependent, I don't think it's right for a new comer to go straight to ninja. But you could practice though but it would be really hard since you'll be needing a whole lot of items to play it properly. But then again let's start with the weapons

The Weapons

When using Throw Fuuma : you'll be needing Huuma Giant Wheel Shuriken (look it up on

2x Hydra 2x Turtle General = if you really want to maximize your damage output, use this at the beginning since most people uses Tao Gunkka on their armor at the beginning. It deals more damage since Tao Gunkka card takes away your Hard defense when wearing it.
2x Hydra 1x Turtle General 1x incantation Samurai = this combination will be your main weapon. So the trick is if you're using the first combination of cards at the beginning then your damage suddenly drops low. Switch to this weapon.
2x Hydra 1x Turtle General 1x Thanatos = well, you know what it is. This is for those *{:content:}amp;#($ who thinks vit is power.
1x Hydra 1x Incant 2x Phreeoni = This goes for the Flee build opponents of yours. I know you can just use "Throw Kuunai" but Throw Fuuma still has greater damage than Throw kuunai. This one is optional

when using Throw Kuunai : a well refined Main Gauche would do

2x Hydra 1x Turtle General 1x Incantation Samurai = This will serve as your main weapon when your using Throw Kuunai.
4x Lord of Death = when everything fails, use this s#!t. Nah, this is what I use when Non-Magic classes try putting up their INTs on maximum. That means they have to give up their stat points for LUK which leaves them vulnerable to status illnesses like silence, confusion, curse.
1x Stormy Knight 1x Metalling 1x Valkyrie Radgris 1x Lord of Death = This weapon's purpose is just to strip ^^, or dispell your enemy maybe.

The Armors

people might still think you need so many armors so you reduce any damage properly. Now here's the only set of cards you'll be needing.

Tao Gunkka Card = you should always be wearing this from the start. Very Basic
Ghostring Card = if your enemy is too dumb use converters. You can take advantage of it. You can wear this when fighting Bios, c
Angeling Card = well, I only use this when a some crazy prof or wiz throw random bolts at me. I just wear this + my gtb and I'll be ok
Dokebi Card = Reduces both Water and Wind property element attacks. So when a wiz or prof tryna Cold or Lightning Bolt you, just switch straight to this armor
Pasana Card = Reduces both Earth and Fire property element attacks. So when a wiz or a prof tryna Earth Spike/Heavens Drive or Fire Bolt you, just switch straight to this armor
Gloom Under Night Card = this card gives additional 40% damage to Holy property. This is very useful to maintain your damage at a certain amount. Cause people would assume you use converters (earth/fire/wind/water) which makes them think to just switch to Holy Armor so they could reduce a little bit of your damage. But with this card, your damage ain't going down! He surely gonna reduce your elemental by switching to holy armor, but it will trigger gloom under nights effect.
Evil Druid Card = I never really use this card, optional. This is very good against Sinx who uses Enchant Poison.

The Garments

Few people switches garments nowadays cause it's very confusing and needs a lot of work so it's basically a pain in the arse but if you can switch garments properly it can be very effective.

Proxy Skin Fragment: Gives 7% Resistance to all elements which is perfect for elemental redux.

Hode Card : Gives 30% resistance to Earth Property

Jakk Card : Gives 30% resistance to Fire Property

Dustiness Card: Gives 30% resistance to Wind Property

Marse Card : Gives 30% resistance to Water Property

* I'm aware that Armor Switching alone can reduce Magical attacks but if can reduce more than 1 element that is much better.


But before that, lemme educate you about Elements and how they work. This is one of the fundamentals of PvPing. To know how to resist attacks.

Here's a quick view of how Elements works.

Earth > Wind > Water > Fire > Earth ...

or you can look it up in *here

here are some common cases you will encounter on pvp.


after playing ninja for quite a while, this is the most used class against ninjas other than sinx. Element Changing ignores the armor that you're wearing and and change it to an element that's weak against the skill their using (talking about bolts).


If a prof changed you to earth. switch to Flameguard Proxy skin Fragment(Jakk Card) and use Fire Resist Potions (click on it for more info) you have resist potions for every elements. It's pretty cheap.


I think sinxes are the class to use to beat Ninjas, they can catch up wherever you try to go and uses Meteor Assault if they get near which can't be blocked by any of your skill. So the main game plan when fighting a sinx is Shadow Jump around and try hitting him with either Fuuma or Kuunai. It gets very tricky sometimes but just don't panic!?!?


when a sinx uses ex pikachu ears to lightning bolt you. Use Thunder Resist Potion before you engage him. you won't really need gtb for this one since you can just switch to your Wind armor when you hit half but it's your call though ^^, But either way, you will have to move around him. Shadow Jump, Fuuma, Shadow Jump, Fuuma,. You don't have to wait for him to get near you. You have to do it constantly and confuse him on which direction you will go. When he tries to spam Lightning Bolt on you just spam Fuuma or Kuunai back ! you won't drop that easily since you have your element reduction against Wind element.
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Guide : Ninja
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