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 Guide : Paladin

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PostSubject: Guide : Paladin   Thu Sep 17, 2015 12:08 pm

Someone asked me how I was playing my Paladin again today, I so I decided to write a little informational; please reply with questions, suggestions, and corrections. Enjoy the read!


Stats/Equipment Sets:

EX Bandaid[1]
EX Retribution Wings[1]
EX 3D Glasses[1]
Bacsojin Card x3

Assaulter Plate[1]
Tao Gunka Card

Valkyrie Shield[1]
Thara Frog Card

Battle Greaves[1]
General Enigem Cenia Card

Gladiator Blade[0]

Captain's Manteau[1]
Raydric Card

Diablos Ring x2
Alligator Card x2

This is the basic equipment set. It is based completely on demi-human redux.
A quick sum gives us: 20%(Glad)+30%(Thara)+10%(xRetri)+10%(xBand)+1%(Mant)+1%(Shoe)+2%(Body)
Total Demi: 74%


How this build works:
100% damage - 74% damage leaves only 26%. As most of you already know Assumptio buff will half our incoming damage. For all intents and purposes this state leaves us with 13% damage taken. TLDR = Dmg_Taken = 13%

Of course being a Paladin gives us a few perks along the way...

With moves like Defender, we take 2.6% from ranged attacks while the buff is up. (This figure is from 13% * 20%, 13% dmg_taken, Defender = 20% ranged taken. Ultimately when the Paladin can maintain this state, threats such as Snipers, Physical Dancer/Bard, Acid Demonstration Bio, and Bow Stalkers all will be nullified in their long ranged attacks.

It is important to remember Reflect Shield too, since it provides 40% damage reflection. This prevents hard hitting melee builds such as Asura Champions and Lord Knights from thrashing you instantly, as that will often result in both players dying. It can also come in handy when fighting another Paladin using Sacrifice, and Assassin Cross using Auto-attack or Sprinkle Sand builds.

Lastly, I will touch on the last three godly Paladin buff spells. They are Auto Guard, a 0-delay move which allows the Paladin to spam heal without flinching, and also when Shrink is activated, there is a 50% chance after a successful block (30% chance for block) to knock back the target 2 cells. The final buff is Endure, which is often underrated. However, Endure allows the Paladin higher mobility while being hit by complete Flinch lock, from moves such as Huuma Shurikan Toss, Fast Double Strafes, and most Single Target magic ability. It also can serve the purpose of getting extra spell casts in while being stun locked from Bowling Bash and AoE spells. Another great part about using Endure is that it provides 10 mdef.

The Paladin will also want to use Increase Agility for high movement speed on peco when defender is disabled (this is how we mob around the map) and then enable it for combat (slow! be careful). Learning when to have Defender on or off based on the opponent class is crucial, but comes quickly with practice.

You should also use Blessing since it will give you free stats in Int and Dex, which all benefit the survival aspects of the character. Having more int increases healing further, and Dex makes it more difficult to be stripped, and more likely for physical attacks to land, such as Sacrifice. Of course blessing adds plain attack too in the form of Str.

The final buff I will mention here is Buche De Noel, it is farmed from any monster while the Snowman Hat is equipped. This will increase healing further, which can benefit the Paladin in a close match up against high attack class opponents.


^2 GEAR CHANGE AT ONCE SHOWN ABOVE^(1. + 2. below detailed)
Full attack formation
EX Pika Ears[1]
Any card...(another Bacsojin?)

NX Sage Ring[0]

1. For me, I love to use xPika + NX Sage as a coup de grĂ¢ce, or finishing move. It is good because I run a max Int Paladin for maximized healing capacity, and it pays off in huge magic damage output single target. The trick is using massive amounts of Pressure, Magnum Breaks, Sacrifices (followed by quick Auto-Guard Heals) all done wearing the Basic Equipment Set. When you see your opponent focus on trying to off you (they are spamming all out and you are flinch healing), that is one of the best times to switch into Full Attack and go for the counter kill. While they are busy trying to maximize their damage, if they have grown used to the Fixed Damage Pressure and Sacrifices, they will not be prepared for the torrent of Magic in store. Another great option is an item like xSplit to gain a similar effect. Sometimes you will want to start in this build, and attack from the beginning to have the greatest chance of getting the kill. Other times (most of the time) you will want to save it for the Ace up the Sleeve type of play.

Notice my description above only references the head gears above. That is because the image depicts 2 DIFFERENT gear swaps, I simply did both of them to show you that you can combine them.

Physical Reflect Formation
Any armor with no physical reduction (eg. Silk Robe[1])
Orc Lord Card

Thorny Shield[1]
High Orc Card

+Valkyrie Manteau[1]
Any Card...(Raydric, Deviling, Marionette if combining with Ghost element... many possibilities)

Variant Shoes[0] (To give higher HP for advantages in cases such as Asura, and Bowling Bash to optimize survival against High HP opponent after multiple reflections)

Physical Reflect formation - explained (Shield+Armor+Accessory+Mant)

2. This is a useful swap for these pieces when you are taking an unsustainable amount of physical melee damage. This is often done by an Assassin Cross, Lord Knight, Champion, or Paladin. These items in combination with Shield Reflect allow the Paladin to reflect more damage than they take. That being said, once you are able to withstand the damage you can actually KO enemies using this strategy and be left standing. More often than not, Champions will hit enough to KO you through Reflect, but it will mostly always kill them in the process. If it does not it means they are using a Deviling Card or some combination of Neutral Res (such as Ghost Ring Armor Card). Should this be the case, you are best off matching their Deviling, and adding Full Attack(described above) by equiping xPika+NX Sage and nuking them with Lightning Bolt through their Deviling for added damage. This will almost certainly kill them. However, if your opponent came prepared for your Lightning Bolt with Wind Armor, you might want to also be carrying Level 5 Earth Spike scrolls, as they will catch even an experienced player off guard and can be used on hidden units (as long as you have Maya Purple Card or x3d or Box of Sunlight).


Anti Magic Single Target (Reflect)
+Odin's Blessing[1]
Frus Card (Awards 2%Reflect Single Target Magic per refine for maximum 20%, in my calculations below I used +Cool

Orlean's Server[1]
Maya Card

Tidal Shoes[1]
Cat O' Nine Tails Card

Anti Magic AoE (Hybrid)
+0-5Odin's Blessing[1]
Goat Card

+7-10Valkyrie Shield[1]
Seeker Card

+0-5Wool Scarf[1]
Kapha Card

*Hybrid is better than 99MDEF when using GTB to nullify status effects and maintain %Demi for other types of attacks*

Anti Magic Single Target (Reflect)
These equipment will reflect magic at a very high rate (76%). Meaning if your opponent begins to hit you with huge amounts of single target damage (like Professor's might after Ele Change), you will be able to return most of the damage and remain in one piece. If you use it at the wrong time or your opponent is more careful, they will most likely switch to AoEs to save themselves and continue damaging you. Be quick to change to Anti Magic Absorb or the Basic Set when this happens. I would recommend Absorb when you think they have low Magic Pierce (no Hwiz) or you are ready to go for the killing blow. The Basic set will provides enough redux on AoE magic and allow you to heal more than full MDEF will. Especially if they end up piercing that MDEF. Sometimes I swap out my mant+shield+armor+accessory as shown in picture b and referred to as Hybrid.


Anti Magic 99 MDEF
+8-10 Frigg's Circlet[0]

+0-+5EX Medical Eyepatch[1]
Gibbet Card

NX Sage Ring[0]

Odin's Blessing[1]
Goat Card

Valkyrie Shield[1]
Seeker Card

High Heels[1]
Megalith Card

Wool Scarf[1]
Kapha Card

2xRosary[0] in place of 2xDiablos Ring[1] w/Alligator Card
*If the ((refine of Frigg's+refine of Valkyrie Shield >)= 15) you will only need 1 Rosary[0]...
Anti Magic Full Abosrb (99 MDEF)
Pretty much explains itself. Reduces Magic by 99% if they do not have some way of piercing your magic defense. Does not prevent heal like GTB, and stacks with Assumptio and Elemental, and Demi Redux. Refer to the Hybrid Build when trying to swap into GTB to tank Tarots or when fighting Bios. At some point you will have to decide on your on rotations and see which elements work best in each scenario.


Hope you enjoy the guide!

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Guide : Paladin
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